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who we are...

        Formed in 1992, Jim Madsen started the company with a goal of providing home repair and handyman service for Naples and the surrounding areas.  Naming the company Jim’s Home Repair, he was able to quickly find success based on his unique training and experience.  His father was successful at rehabbing older homes (long before HGTV) but with a twist, he would move the family into the next home.  As Jim grew older he naturally started working with his father, so by the time he moved out on his own he had lived in eighteen different homes!  Within eight years of Jim’s Home Repair starting it had grown to include partial remodels which focused mainly on kitchens and bathrooms but soon after the company began taking on full remodels and additions, which included changing the floorplan.  By this time the number of employees had expanded to meet the needs of architectural plans and interior designs, including complex structural changes.

      Partnering with contractor, Dennis Cantwell, the owner of Sand Springs Development Corporation, Jim began overseeing the remodeling division of Sand Springs Development, covering Naples and surrounding areas.  Jim has continued to expand the business with a custom cabinet shop and a paint shop, giving the company the ability to provide excellence throughout the entire process of creating a beautifully renovated home.

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