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Remodeling at it's best

clean, courteous, and professionally crafted

          Sand Springs Development has been remodeling homes in Naples and the surrounding areas since 1992.  During that that time Jim Madsen and the entire team have built a reputation that stand out.  Whether it’s a condo or house, our goal is to provide quality workmanship with a professional mindset that we aren’t simply working at a construction site, but within someone’s home. 

       "I am pleased to recommend Jim Madsen and his team very highly. They did a spectacular job in the complete gutting of our Wilderness condo.  The universal reaction to someone entering for the first time is WOW!  Their recommendations for the kitchen layout were very helpful (partial wall removal and the cabinet & counter re-positioning).  The cabinetry throughout the whole condo is really amazing.  The ultimate is the addition of a half bath attached to a guest bedroom.  For various technical reasons we were emphatically told it could not be done.  Nevertheless. the team came up with a unique way to get it approved and done.  This not only has made our guests more comfortable, it probably has significantly increased the value of our condo. Also they finished in a timely manner and a few minor changes we wanted after they left were quickly taken care of.  In short, there are many very good reasons why they are so popular."


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